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Package Benefits

For a personalized, comprehensive college preparation experience with a college consultant, we recommend trying one of our packages.

With single services, all communications are logged and billed separately. With a package you’ll receive unlimited contact with an Independent Education Counselor via email, text, or Skype calls. We also make use of online planning software for scheduling, tracking milestones and progress, and reviewing documents.

Our packaged services include discounted rates. The extra communication opportunities allow College in 3-2-1 to create a more personalized service for you, letting us get to know you and your needs better.

All Comprehensive Packages Include: Unlimited emails and calls with the student in person, by phone, or via Skype, according to the communicated operating schedule and schedule availability.

It is recommended that meetings with the student be held in the offices of College in 3-2-1, but other arrangements can be made. Purchasing a package also gives you and your family “dibs” on scheduling time slots for in-person meetings!

Packages do not include travel more than 25 miles from Clemmons, NC. However, we welcome clients from anywhere in the world through the use of virtual meetings and online communication tools.



Sophomore Prep Package: $499

This package is designed for sophomores and parents interested in getting a jump start on the college process.  Decisions made during this year can help or hinder the application process and future college options.

Initial student and family assessment, profile creation and evaluation to determine goals, intentions, preferences, etc.
Introductory meeting with student and parents to review assessment and student/family desires., collaboration on a sophomore year activity plan, and discussion on how to start looking at colleges and scholarships online.
2 additional “check-in” meetings with the student between November and May to assess progress toward goals.
Evaluation and discussion of academic results, testing, and extra-curricular activities.
Includes a high level roadmap of activities from sophomore to senior year.
College major and career mentoring.
Advising on summer enrichment activities prior to spring deadlines.
Test prep information and schedule guidance.
Financial Aid process overview with the family (in person or via Skype).
Q & A with parents.

Junior Year Essentials Package - Call for Pricing

Leverage professional knowledge in specific areas where information is key to successful applications.  We’ll help you chart the course to a college that is best suited for you and give you the steps to move forward that will result in your best possible application.   Services may include:

Initial student and family assessment, profile and evaluation to determine college goals, intentions, preferences, etc.
In-person meeting with the student/family to review the assessments and gain family consensus on how the student will proceed with the process and evaluate colleges, and how the family will support the process.
School major and career mentoring
Evaluation and advising on high school academics, standardized test plan, and extra-curriculars
Advising on summer enrichment activities
Development of a list of potential colleges for further consideration based on the student's academic profile and preferences. This includes customized research and a report. The list will include a good balance of reach, match and likely to be accepted schools.
In-person meeting with the student to review the college list report, evaluate the list and identify next steps for the student.
Consulting on college visits best practices and visit plan.
Guiding the student through the preparation of an extra-curricular activities resume
Providing suggestions on how to use social media and video platforms to personalize your application so the student becomes more than a set of numbers.

This package is limited to 20 hours of consultation and services  and is inclusive of time for personal meetings, emails, and phone communication. Any additional hours requested will be billed by the quarter hour at a discounted $75 hourly rate. In-person meetings will be conducted in the offices of College in 3-2-1 or within 25 miles of our office, or will be done online via video conferencing or through email. 

Junior and Senior Year Comprehensive Package - Call for Pricing

Kickstart your college preparation and make the most out of your final high school years by starting college prep early. This package is designed for unlimited college counseling and student assistance.  You’ll receive planned milestones spaced out to minimize stress while still keeping you on track. We’ll start November of your junior year and finish after your senior year graduation. This package may include any of the following:

Meeting with the student to maximize engagement and results (4 meetings Junior Year | 7 meetings Senior Year).
Initial student and family assessment, profile and evaluation to determine goals, intentions, preferences, etc.
Evaluation and discussion of academic, testing and extra-curricular history.
School major and career mentoring
Advising on summer enrichment activities.
Development of a list of potential schools for further consideration based on student profile.
Advising on college visit plans and best practices for visits (planning work available in separate package).
Reviewing results of college visits with the student to refine preferences.
Assistance with the extra-curricular activities resume preparation.
Evaluating college list for reach, match and likely acceptance.

College application supervision, advising and schedule management through online software designed for direct communication with the student, and review, guidance, and monitoring of the application process. May include Common Application, Coalition Application, and/or proprietary applications.
Advising on whether to apply Early Decision, Early Action or Regular Decision.
Common App and other school/program supplemental essays (does not include scholarship essays).
Test prep information and schedule guidance.
College interview preparation.
Final college choice consultation.
Financial Aid process information.
End-to-end support.

Students that purchased the Sophomore Package can take $300 off of the Junior to Senior Year Comprehensive Package and $200 off the Junior Essentials Package!

Senior Comprehensive Package: Call for Pricing

Our Senior Comprehensive Package is designed to help you make the most of your senior year. Don’t let the stress and confusion of college applications keep you from enjoying the final milestones of high school! We’ll work together to make sure you’re on the right path to maximize your chances of acceptance with personalized school recommendations, testing and extracurricular advising, and management of college applications and deadlines.

In person meetings once per month June-April.
Initial student assessment and evaluation to determine goal and preferences.
Evaluation and discussion of academic, testing, and extra-curricular history.
School major and career counseling.
In-depth research and personalized college recommendation list.
Best practices for college visits and tours.
Extracurricular activities and resume preparation.
College application guidance and schedule management.
Guidance for Early Decision and Early Action applications when applicable.
Application essays and personal statement sessions.

Test prep information and schedule guidance.
College interview preparation.
1-hour session on Financial Aid and paying for college.

Senior Platinum Package: - Call for Pricing

Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your college applications. Together we’ll review your student profile and pick out what to include in your applications and college essays and narrow down your list of schools so you can feel confident about your decisions.

Student Profile Assessment

Student survey and discussion of key metrics for college selection such as location, size of school, specific academic curriculum, financial considerations, budget, social life, and more.

Student Resume/Brag Sheet

We will review the activities that should/should not be included, and the best ways to present them to colleges.

College Options List/Report

Receive a list of 10 schools that are a best fit for you, based on location, curriculum, and likelihood of acceptance. This report will include pros and cons for each school and how they match up to your specific profile.

College Application Counseling

We’ll provide guidance on where to apply and whether to apply for Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision for each school. This package includes advisement for the Common Application, the new Coalition Application that is now being accepted at some schools, and applications for colleges that use a proprietary application form.

Task/Schedule Management

Utilizing an online software program, you’ll be given a list of tasks and a schedule of your senior year to help you keep track of applications, essays, financial aid, letters of recommendation, and deadlines. The College in 3-2-1 advisor will communicate directly with the student via the software communication tools and review applications and monitor schedules to help them put their best foot forward and minimize stress and anxiety about the process.

Final College Selection

Our advisor will help families sort through confusing college acceptance and financial aid packages to help the student come to a final college selection decision!

This package is limited to 20 hours of consultation and services between September and April, and is inclusive of time for personal meetings, emails, and phone communication. Any additional hours requested will be billed by the quarter hour at a discounted $75 hourly rate. In-person meetings will be conducted in the offices of College in 3-2-1 or within 25 miles of our office, or will be done online via video conferencing or through email. Essay consulting services are not included, but the essay package can be added with a 10% discount.

Essay Success Package: $450

Craft a personal statement/college essay that will make you proud. Our first session will be geared toward getting to know you and reviewing your thoughts and ideas for your essay, and discuss the best steps for putting together an essay that represents who you are. Grammar and spelling checks, essay themes, structural, and content recommendations are also included.

Package includes a total of 5 hours of services designed to help you complete your Common Application or personal statement essay and any additional essays that can be worked on during that timeframe. The initial meeting is a 1 hour in-person (or Skype) session to elicit essay topic ideas. From there, activities are tailored to your needs. Activities can include additional meetings for additional discussion or off line services such as having a consultant review and critique multiple drafts.
Additional essay coaching hours for college supplemental and scholarship essays can be added to this package.

Custom Packages

Need something more personalized to your needs? Let’s create a custom package just for you! Select from our list of services, set up a designated schedule for meetings, allowances for communications (emails, phone, Skype, etc), and we’ll put together a customized package based around what you specifically need.

Sample Bulk Hourly Package Rates (Services of Your Choice):

8 Hour Package – $685                              15 Hour Package – $1,240

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