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College Research and Personal Report

Every student is different, with unique personal and academic interests. We’ll help you find the school that aligns with who you are as a person and put you on the path to your education and career goals.

With thousands of universities in the United States, how do you make the right choice? I’ll help you navigate through your choices and narrow the list down to a personalized selection of recommended universities based around your skills, your goals, your personality, and your budget.  

I visit dozens of schools each year and spend hundreds of hours researching schools and programs to bring current information about college options to my students.  

Although college selection does have financial considerations, students are highly encouraged to consider a wide variety of public and private universities.  Private schools often offer substantially more merit aid which can make them competitive with in-state schools.

College 3-2-1 College Application Guidance with students

We’ll start by reviewing your student profile. I listen to both parents and students to find the right fit, then provide a written report of recommendations, along with some of the pros and cons of each choice to help you make a decision.

Throughout the process, we’ll use a scheduling software that lets us assign tasks, monitor your progress, and make sure you don’t miss any deadlines.
Students and Parents contribute to a questionnaire to bring forth the key needs and desires for a “best match” college.
Recommended list of universities based on academic achievement, curriculum, budget, preferences, and likelihood of acceptance.
Next step guidance to refine and finalize your list.

College Application Guidance

The college application process is fraught with challenges. With College in 3-2-1 you’ll receive guided early decision/early application recommendations from an education consultant, as well as full application reviews and assistance to make sure nothing is left out, which could be the difference between acceptance and rejection. Don’t waste time trying to craft an application that doesn’t tell your story. Instead, create an application and profile you can be proud of for showcasing the very best of who you are. I’ll help you by reviewing your applications and providing insight on what to include, as well as possible things to leave out.

I’ll help you and your family make final decisions

Once you start receiving acceptance letters, I’ll help you and your family make final decisions based on school acceptance, financial aid opportunities, and more.

Tailored recommendations for early decision or early action.

College in 3-2-1 takes the burden of creating and maintaining a master task plan off of the student and family. This plan will include any task for applications or special programs.  Access your custom task management plan from anywhere.

Personal profile review with recommendations of what to include and what to leave out of your applications.

Full application review and revision recommendations.

“Next steps” and guidance to help you and your family make final decisions about where to enroll.


Free Consultation

Not sure which services you need? I’ll provide you with a pre-meeting worksheet to help me get a feel for your needs, and then we’ll sit down together and go over the College in 3-2-1 process. This includes discussing specifically how I can help you achieve your goals and the steps you will need to take to get there.

I’ll listen to what you hope to achieve and what challenges you’re facing, and then give a brief overview of the services that I think would be best for you.

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