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About College in 3-2-1

Kathy de Jong is the President/Owner of College in 3-2-1 located in Clemmons, NC.

Kathy experienced the frustration of learning too late that her stepson was not adequately prepared for or coached through the college preparation process, despite going to a private high school. She could only watch and console as rejection letters rolled in from his top choice schools. Poor decisions made throughout high school, and inadequate school guidance, are a real possibility for every student. And there are very few “do-overs”.

Kathy was determined not to let that happen again. She started educating herself in preparation for her daughter to enter high school. Kathy was overwhelmed by the shear volume of information and steps required to successfully navigate the college admissions process, particularly when a student is interested in a selective to very selective college, but within a reasonable cost.

Kathy’s goal is to help students enjoy their high school years. Taking the guesswork out of the college admissions process is key. She provides the students with knowledge, a plan and encouragement so students can tackle their high school coursework and extra-curriculars without that burden. The senior year becomes fun again!

As an IEC, Kathy has spent hundreds of hours developing the expertise and skill set to help students and parents avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary stress and anxiety. She continues to spend time daily doing research, and she visits college campuses and admissions offices throughout the year to bring her students a personal account and to make informed college list recommendations.

With Kathy as your personal college guru and student advocate, the family can focus more on being a family, and less on digging through endless websites and reports, guessing what’s best, engaging in weekly debates and nagging students to the point of frustration.

With 30 years of executive management and entrepreneurial experience in multiple industries and business disciplines, Kathy can help students explore careers and college majors.

College Admissions Counselor Kathy de Jong

She holds BS degree with a double major in Communications and Psychology from the University of Miami, FL. She obtained her Master of Science degree with a concentration in Quality Management from the University of Miami. She earned a Master Certificate in Six Sigma from Villanova University.

Additionally, Kathy receives her Independent Educational Consulting Certificate from the University of California at Irvine in 2018. Kathy has been a certified Project Management Professional, PMP, since 1999, so organization, communication and professionalism are the cornerstones of her consulting services.

It’s evident that Kathy believes firmly in education.

Kathy volunteers with the Crosby Scholarship Community Partners, a not-for-profit organization as a College Essay Reviewer. She has been actively volunteering as a Girl Scout Troop Leader since 2009.