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College Video Snapshop:  Davidson College

Davidson College in Davidson, NC sits just 30 minutes north of Charlotte perfectly position between the Appalachian Mountains to the west and the Atlantic coast 3 hrs to the east. Davidson has gained a strong academic reputation as a small liberal arts college with approximately 2,000 students.

The cornerstone of the campus culture is the school’s honor code.  Each freshman signs to uphold the honor code which holds each student to the highest academic and personal standards.  As a result, students know that they can leave their belongs somewhere, without them being stolen. This honor code also gives students special privileges such as take-home exams, and being able to schedule the time/date of their finals for optimal preparation and scheduling.

Academically, the school’s undergraduate majors in Economics, Biology, Psychology, Political Science and English stand out. Davidson is mainly an undergraduate school; however, there are ample opportunities to do research in tandem with faculty. Don’t see a major you like?  Davidson’s Center for Interdisciplinary Studies allows you to craft your own major with faculty advisement.

Despite the small size of the school, the Davidson Wildcats participate in Division 1 sports, and the men’s basketball team can often be found participating in the Championship Tournament. Over 200 clubs are also offered, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Greek life does not have a strong presence, particularly with women, but “eating houses” are a popular choice for women to socialize and become active in the Davidson community and participate in philanthropic activities.

Nearly all students live on campus which helps Davidson maintain a tight-knit campus. Freshmen are all housed together in designated dorms. Davidson has four dining facility options on campus (plus the eating houses) and a variety of meal plans. Davidson believes in providing high-quality food prepared fresh, so students are sure to be pleased with the selection and variety.

Davidson is consistently rated as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the south.  However, the campus has more of a northeast college quaintness.  When comparing location, campus facilities, academics, activities and social activities, Davidson rates up with some of the best schools of its size.


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