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ACT & SAT Boot Camps

Introducing SAT and ACT Boot Camps to Maximize Your Score!

Whether you are looking for quick strategies and exam-taking tips in a 2-day Boot Camp experience or want to do a complete preparation program over several weeks, to strengthen your skills in each section, we’ve got a solution to fit your needs.

College in 3-2-1 has teamed up with Elizabeth Owens, a 15-year test prep professional, to offer a safe, in-person test prep solution in the Study Center at College in 3-2-1, in Clemmons, NC. With small groups (2-4 students), we can socially distance and follow CDC guidelines.

This course is designed to be a “crash course” for the SAT or ACT. Over one weekend, students will learn about the structure of the test, general strategies for tackling the test, and section-specific strategies for dealing with the different types of questions they’ll encounter throughout
the test. Please note: SAT students will need The Official SAT Study Guide 2020 Edition (blue book) and ACT students will need The Official ACT Prep Guide 2020-2021 (red book).

This page is dedicated to ACT & SAT Boot Camps. For information regarding ACT & SAT Prep Courses please click here.

2-Day Boot Camp Agenda:

Location: College in 3-2-1, 6000 Meadowbrook Mall Ct. Suite. 208. Clemmons.

  • Day 1: General Overview and Verbal (SAT: Reading and Writing &  Language; ACT: English and Reading)
    • “Big Picture” strategies
    • Structure of the test overall and each section individually
    • Question types and strategies for tackling those question types
    • College Board/ACT traps and tricks
    • Brief content review about test-specific items (eg: punctuation and modifiers)
    • Timed drills
  • Day 2: Math (and Science for ACT)
    • Brief test-specific content review for Math (eg: geometry formulas, reading graphs)
    • Strategies for tackling Math questions using strategies beyond the “right way” to solve the problems.
    • ACT Science strategies
    • Timed drills

NOTE: In order to protect the health of our participants and instructors, everyone in the College in 3-2-1 Study Center/Test Center is required to wear a face mask (no valves permitted) during their entire time in the building.

Meet The Team


Elizabeth Owens

Elizabeth Owens has over a decade and a half of experience working with an internationally-renowned test prep company. She has tutored hundreds of students, led classes, trained new SAT and ACT teachers, and developed SAT and ACT teaching materials that are used around the world (and are available at a bookstore near you). Her love of watching her students build confidence and success, as well as her drive to make tutoring accessible to more students, inspired her to start Owens Test Prep.

Elizabeth has a BA in English from UNC-Greensboro and spent five years teaching high school English before shifting into the world of the SAT and ACT. She lives in Greensboro, NC with her husband, two kids, and a Maine Coon cat. She loves chocolate and corny jokes.

Elizabeth Owens


Kathy De Jong

Kathy de Jong is the owner of College of 3-2-1 in Clemmons, NC, a college prep consultancy and the College in 3-2-1 Study Center designed to offer a social solution to virtual learning. Kathy advises high school students throughout their preparation for college admissions, including helping students identify the standardized test which may optimize results, determine a test-prep and exam schedule, and offer advisement when it comes time to make the decision of whether to submit test scores or not if a college is test-optional or test-flexible.

Kathy has a Master of Science with a concentration in Quality Management from the University of Miami, FL. She also holds a BS in Communication with a double major in Psychology from the University of Miami. Kathy earned an Independent Educational Consultant Certificate from the University of California -Irvine. She lives in Clemmons, NC with her husband, three children and an Australian Shepard named Mocha.

Kathy De Jong